Winning prizes is fun especially if you know how you can win bigger prizes! Here at Stake, you’ll be given equal opportunities to boost your chances of winning as long as you have an account that you can use to place bets. 

Bet on online casino games and sports events anytime you want. So, if you’re fond of both, this site is perfect for you! The best part? There are special bonuses that can help you win more exciting prizes whenever and wherever you may be! 

Aside from bonuses, Stake also has some of the most exciting and unique promotions perfect for every bettor! You can find giveaways, multipliers, extra payouts on specific sports events, and many more. Visit Stake’s promotions page regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on these exciting events.

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Here is a closer look at some of the Stake promotions you need to keep an eye out for: 

Sign up at Stake to claim exciting bonuses!

Once you have an account at Stake, you can enjoy amazing bonuses that will make playing more worthwhile! With these, you’ll be more eager to spend some time with us and see what luck Stake has in store for you. 

Signing up with Stake is easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s how you can do it:

  • Click the register button on the top right corner of the screen
  • Provide your preferred username and password
  • Input important details such as your birthdate and email address
  • Type in the special registration code, if you received any
  • Click ‘Play Now’

You may also want to try the option which allows you to sign up using your Facebook, Google, Line, or Twitch account. Here are some of Stake’s biggest bonus programs: 

VIP Programme

Stake’s VIP Programme was created to incentivize players who bet on the site regularly. Also, VIPs are those who deposit and wager regularly. If you’re this type of bettor, expect receiving an invitation on your provided email address soon! 

Those who have qualified for this type of bonus can enjoy having their own VIP host. They are also entitled to claim some weekly and monthly bonuses as well as cashback offers. What makes Stake’s VIP program more special is that it has different tiers which allows you to claim more bonuses as you move further along.

VIP challenges

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From time to time, Stake launches special VIP challenges that will give players better chances of winning on certain slot games. These occur regularly so make sure to keep an eye out for these on the promotions page of Stake casino VIP.

When there are certain promotions like this, simply click on them to learn about the details. Among those that you will see are the featured games and the amount of prizes that can be won.

Special seasonal bonuses 

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Stake also hosts special bonuses that perfectly match the season. This will give you a better feel of the upcoming holidays. Some of the seasons that Stake features are: 

  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Lunar New Year
  • Easter
  • Black Friday

Keep an eye out for Stake bonuses when sports betting! 

One of the factors you’ll love most about betting with Stake is how it offers some of the most competitive odds in the online betting market. Upon visiting the site’s sports page, you will be redirected to a page filled with several featured sports. When you click on them, you will be shown a list of sports events and an array of betting markets under them. 

Stake covers several sports on the site. Some of the most popular ones include tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, and mixed martial arts (MMA). You can also choose from several other featured sports on the site. 

For more chances of winning, Stake ensures that there are special promotions to make your experience more worthwhile. Take a look at some of these offers!

Stakes Weekly Giveaway

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Stake gives away a total of $50,000 every week! This prize will be divided into 5 lucky winners. Every Stake account holder is entitled to receive this. If you want to have a shot at this, try to wager at least $1,000 to secure a ticket. You can earn as many tickets as possible, so you can enjoy as many chances if you really want to win this! 

This bonus is only available for a limited time. So, it is best to know when to deposit and claim. The end time is always set at 2 pm GMT. The draws are always held an hour after the giveaway ends. All prizes will be paid out in Bitcoin (BTC).

Stake’s Daily Races

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Aside from the weekly giveaways, Stake also hosts daily giveaways! Stake gives out $100,000 daily to the top 5,000 racers every day. If you become one of them, you can enjoy $2,000 that you can use to place more bets. 

You can join this promotion by placing several bets per day. This is because every placed bet on casino or sports will help you climb up the leaderboard. Should you make it to the top 5,000 racers, you will receive your prize! 

Special bonus promotions for your favourite sports events 

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Another factor you will love most about betting at Stake is how it ensures a superb betting experience! Every sports fan has a great chance of winning bigger prizes since Stake provides amazing bookmaker bonus options to all punters. 

Aside from the promising odds that you can enjoy when betting, you can also check if there are any special deals for your favourite sports tournament. Stake has a lot of featured sports betting deals you should know. Some of the major tournaments they cover are:

National Basketball Association (NBA)
Basketball fans will have a lot to look forward to as Stake has a lot of great deals in store for them. Aside from how the odds can secure some amazing prizes, it is by taking part in these promotions that the prizes can be made bigger and better!

Among those that are being covered at Stake are the NBA Finals and the NBA Playoffs. To see how you can take part in these exciting promotions, make sure to visit the promotions page for more details.

UEFA Nations League
This premier European league is another much-awaited event by football fans. With the help of Stake’s Bet Builder tool, you can enjoy bigger wins on your anticipated matches! Should you be a part of the top 10 punters with the highest winning odds, you can earn a part of the $5,000 prize pool!
National Hockey League (NHL)
Ice hockey fans will also have some exciting deals to look forward to when they check out the special promotions for this league. Keep an eye out for this promotion, especially during special parts of the season like the playoffs. That way, you can win better prizes from the bets you’ve placed.

In case your choice leads by the end of the second period and then ends up losing the match, you can earn a refund of up to $50!

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Betting on baseball is made more fun at Stake with the opportunities it has in store for you! Aside from betting on who you think will win, Stake also gives you other ways on how you can win prizes. Should you decide to bet on the team which ends up taking the lead in the 9th inning but then loses, you will still get paid out $100! Amazing, right?
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
What people love most about mixed martial arts is that all the outcomes tend to be unpredictable. With Stake, you are assured that even if your bet didn’t win, you still have a chance to win some prizes. That is, if your bet loses by a split decision! That way, losing won’t make you feel too bad!

Stake promotions when playing your favourite casino games! 

Aside from sports betting, Stake also allows you to place bets on your favourite casino games. Unlike sports betting where you would have to hope that your favoured teams and players do their best, playing online gives you the chance to strategize on your own. 

By having an account at Stake, you will have access to a wide variety of online slots, table games, live casino, and Stake originals. Each of these categories will give you a chance to have fun on your own as you test your chances and see what luck has in store for you. 

Though these games may already be fun on their own, it is by knowing what Stake casino bonus is perfect for your betting and playing style. Here are some of the best bonuses that you can enjoy when trying the online casino side of our site!

Stake’s Weekly Giveaway

This bonus is not just for sports bettors but for casino players as well! Stake’s Weekly Giveaway for casino games works similar to the bonus type that was previously mentioned for sports betting.

Stake’s Daily Races

Another promotion you can enjoy when playing online casino games is Stake’s Daily Races. This is the same as the one mentioned above. You can find this by clicking on the featured promotions for casinos aside from just being seen at the sports promotions. If you’re eager to win $2,000, make sure to learn more about this amazing promo!

Conquer the Casino

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Under this exciting promotion, you will learn how fun Stake actually is. This promo will make you focus on the latest games being dropped and enjoy it as well as you can. By doing so, you’ll get a portion of the $50,000 prize pool. 

Given that there are more than 10 new drops every week, you are guaranteed that the experience will be worthwhile. Whether you win from it or not, the best thing you’ll love about this is how it can help you bag home better prizes while getting to try which among those can provide the best prizes.

The Level Up 

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Playing is fun but nothing beats the thrill of knowing that you can do something to win bigger prizes. Under this promotion, you can take the challenge of beating the number of multipliers on Stake’s 5 featured games for the week. 

By doing it after the five games and levelling up on this challenge, you can take home a part of $10,000 which will then be spread among all qualifying players.

Stake vs Eddie 

Image 7 1024x543

Once a week, Eddie will play a specific game for an hour. This will show you a posted player ID in which his score will be the highest multiplier of the hour. By taking the challenge of this promo, you’ll be given a week to beat the multiplier. If you were able to score higher, you can share a $20,000 prize pool with other players who have qualified as well.

Casino Challenges 

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Looking forward to overcoming more challenges to win big at Stake? Try Casino Challenges and see what prizes you can earn each day! To learn more about the games that have several target multipliers which you would have to beat, make sure to visit the list of games you can try!

Slots forum challenge 

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Every week, there is a featured slot game to play once you have already created an account. With this bonus, you can win a part of the $500 prize pool which will then be divided among everyone. 

To win in this promo, you need to have a bet with 40x or any other higher multiplier on the featured game. Should you be able to achieve it, the prize will automatically be credited to your account.

Random drops from game providers

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Slots are the most abundant game choice in any online casino like Stake because of their simplicity and how they come under different themes. One of the factors that contribute to how amazing slot games is the game provider that produced them. To make playing more exciting and worthwhile, Stake ensured that it will only be working with some of the best names in the industry. 

Aside from providing you the games you love, the game providers can also randomly drop some rewards in case you meet their requirements. Here is a closer look at the two most common game provider drops you’ll see at Stake! 

  • Evolution: Can provide a total of $5,000 up for grabs for 10 people each week
  • Pragmatic Play: Can give a massive award of $1,000,000 for several people each month

So, what are you waiting for? Try using any of these promotions and see how that will make your time more worthwhile! 

Here’s how you can use your Stake bonuses better! 

Now that you know more about the available promotions at Stake, make sure that you’ll know what to do to have a smooth betting experience. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind whenever you’re planning to use some!

Take the challenge
Most of Stake’s bonus promotions are available for a limited time only. So, make sure to join or claim once they’re still ongoing. You’ll never know if you can have a chance to win or not. Still, there is no harm in trying so you can figure it out for yourself. Who knows? You might even win some of the best prizes!
Read the terms and conditions
Joining the challenges can be really tricky and challenging. Since betting involves money on both sports or casino games, it is always important that you read the terms and conditions. That way, you will be more aware of what to do and what not to do.
Don’t chase bonuses
As much as you would want to earn bigger prizes really mean a lot. No matter how tempting it may be, always make sure that you never overlap your bonuses if you have the chance.

These are just some of the promotions that Stake has in store for you! By having an idea of how these can boost your winning chances, you can be more eager to be up for the challenge and see what you can win. Regardless of your betting style and preferences, Stake has something for you. Try any of these promotions and see which one turns out to be the most interesting and helpful!

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